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We understand the huge difference cabinets can make in a home. There are always so many concerns when choosing a cabinet provider. Here are some of the most common questions you might have in mind. You are more than welcome to give us a call anytime or just stop by our showroom to have a face-to-face talk with us to make everything clear.

  • Which products do you provide?
    We make all kinds of customized cabinets, including kitchen, laundry, vanity, living room cabinet, walk in robe, shoe case, TV set, alfresco kitchen etc. We also provide natural stone and engineered stone for bench top and splash back. Basically AWA Kitchens is your one-stop cabinet centre that provides services of quoting, measuring, designing, manufacturing and installation etc.
  • Can I get a free quote and design?
    Yes! We do quote and design for free! And it is helpful that general information about the project and finish schedule can be provided. A professional consultant will be allocated to finalise the measurement once quotation accepted. The consultant will then follow up design and quotation for free. After that, clients are welcome to our showroom and have a further face-to-face discussion about the detailed design proposal. ( We provide two free revised shop drawing versions. Before the deposit is paid, all the drawings and files are reserved by AWA Kitchens).
  • Do you do renovation for the entire kitchen or the bathroom?
    Yes we do. We have our own licensed and trusted builders, plumbers and electricians. A separated quotation will be provided for the renovation services.
  • Which areas do you serve?
    We serve all areas that are within 60km of the city of Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. For areas outside this range an extra fee will be applied based on the distance.
  • What‘s the cost of the custom-made cabinets?
    The cost of custom-made cabinets varies depending on several factors, such as the materials used, the design complexity, the size of the cabinets, and the level of customization required. Generally, custom cabinets are more expensive than pre-made ones, but they offer greater flexibility and personalization options. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of your custom-made cabinets, you can request a quote from our team. We'll take into account your specific requirements and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. Alternatively, you can also visit our showroom or website to see some of our previous projects and get an idea of the range of prices we offer. Keep in mind that investing in high-quality, custom-made cabinets can add significant value to your home and improve the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to start the process of designing your dream cabinets.
  • Are your cabinets Australia made?
    YES! We proudly promise that all our cabinets are 100% manufactured in our local factories. We have three factories located in Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. Each one has its own professional CNC production line and the best edge banding machine in the market.
  • Do you provide any flat-pack cabinets?
    We do not provide any flat-pack cabinets. AWA Kitchens only believes in the quality and perfection of customized cabinets.
  • What are the differences between Flat-pack and customized cabinets?
    There are significant differences between flat-pack and customized cabinets. FIRST OF ALL,QUALITY. Cabinets are a very important part of the structure and needs to be both water resistant (HMR) and solid. Flat-pack or imported products can be extremely flimsy , not being square or unable to hold a screw. Also backs MUST BE SOLID as they keep everything square and supported throughout the life of the kitchen. 3mm backs are NOT recommended even though they were used in the past. They do not keep the boxes square and could come loose and damaged overtime with objects pushing against the backs. 16mm HMR board that complies with Australian Standards is important. Only LOW FORMALDEHYDE-EMITTING pressed wood products should be used, such as those that meet the Australian Standards for formaldehyde emission limits (E0 & E1). Most Imported products and Flatpacks do not conform to AU standards. Also it is very important to have the right type of Hinges and Drawer runners to work and last as they should. There are only a couple of Brands that offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY, 1 being BLUM which is why we choose to use these in all our products. SECONDLY, CUSTOMIZATION. Being able to DESIGN to FIT is very important. In some cases, yes, off the shelf cabinets will fit, but as there is no such thing as a standard room, standard cabinets will NOT fit unless you either have mismatching cabinets & door widths that look odd and fillers to 'fill in' areas that don’t fit. Having too many small cabinets will waste space (more divisions) than a free flowing design with larger cabinets. Being able to centre appliances and sinks as required .... and more importantly use ANY brand of Appliance the customer wants and have the cabinets tailor made to fit those appliances. THIRDLY, DESIGN. The fact is, a Custom Made kitchen gives the client more options by making cabinets fit as they should. They look way better aesthetically, make the most of the storage space, limit the amount of fillers required, allows the cabinets to go higher for taller ceilings or lower as required, higher bench tops for taller people or even shorter. It means that there are 1000's of combinations to ensure a proper look and fit. There is nothing worse than a kitchen that looks 'FLATPACK'. LAST BUST NOT THE LEAST, PRICE. Yes, the price of a Custom Kitchen can be more than a Flat-pack product ..... in most circumstance. What we have achieved though through buying power is QUALITY, THE ABILITY TO TOTALLY CUSTOMISE, FREE DESIGN SERVICE in-store & CAN WORK WITH BUDGETS. In most cases, we can actually compete on price with many FLATPACK companies even though we do use better products. Many start looking cheap in price but end up being more expensive, giving you less. Some of the high profile Companies work on a PERCEPTION of CHEAPNESS when in fact, the only thing cheap is the product itself and certainly not the price. In many cases, we can compete against the FLATPACK mobs, but offer far more. As far as competing with Cabinet Makers who do high end Custom work ..... well that just makes us extremely price competitive.
  • Where are your panels and hardware made?
    All our cabinet carcasses are made in Australia, using 16mm POLYTEC HMR boards(high moisture resistance)with 1mm abs edging. Each cabinet has a 16mm solid back to ensure structural adequacy. Our door panels are mostly made in Australia, and partly made in Europe and the US. Hardware is supplied by our trusted supplier Blum. We also use products from Hettich and Hafele.
  • Do you paint two-pac products locally? How’s the quality?
    Yes! We have our own professional painting work shop. All of our two-pac products are polished at least five times to ensure the optimal mirror-like high gloss finish and the ultra smooth matt finish.
  • Do you do profiled doors?
    Yes, we have some standard profiles available. If clients prefer an unique design, we also provide customized engrave services to make it happen.
  • Do you sell appliances?
    We have agency cooperation with some brands, which means clients can enjoy more discounts if they order those appliances through us.
  • What do I have to prepare before the installation of the cabinets?
    1.If a builder is managing the project, we need to have adequate communication before hand with both the builder and the clients to work out a schedule. 2. If the flooring is already done, we need to be advised in advance. And please provide flooring protection during installation period. 3. Please keep enough space and walkways for delivery and unloading.
  • How long is the warranty of your cabinets?
    We offer a life time Warranty for our carcass cabinet, which covers repair or replacement of any internal cabinet (carcass) that suffers a failure in its structural integrity as a result of materials or manufacturing defect from date of installation. Our suppliers also provide factory warranties for all the hardware we use. Door panels and stone bench top are according to the warranties offered by the material suppliers. Any man-caused damage or wear of the door panel or stone bench top are not covered by warranty. And we provide the budget replacement offers for our customers.
  • How long is your manufacture cycle?
    This depends on the type of cabinet. Laminate cabinets normally take two weeks to make. Two-pac cabinets generally takes less than four weeks. If both two-pac and glazing doors are involved in cabinets, it usually takes five weeks
  • How long do I have to wait to install a bench top?
    Bench top is usually installed one week after the completion of the cabinet installation
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