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At AWAkitchens, the company's founder and renowned designer, Allen, takes center stage in crafting a remarkable custom wardrobe for their showroom. Allen's meticulous attention to detail and innovative design choices have resulted in a wardrobe that seamlessly blends technology and practicality. Let's explore the captivating features of this bespoke wardrobe.

The door panels of the wardrobe are crafted with narrow-framed aluminum alloy and feature a stunning gray glass finish. The gray glass undergoes an electroplating process, allowing it to transform from a reflective mirror surface to a transparent view when the interior lights are switched on. This clever design showcases a perfect fusion of technology and functionality, providing a clear view of the wardrobe's contents. When the lights are switched off, the glass magically transforms back into a mirror, adding a touch of sophistication to the space.

For the cabinet structure, Allen selected evenex's charcoal oak, a dark oak veneer that infuses the modern design with a warm and inviting ambiance. The top-to-bottom design of the wardrobe features full-length gray glass, creating a visually striking display from floor to ceiling. Although the installation of such a design requires meticulous craftsmanship and additional time, the final result is truly awe-inspiring and well worth the effort.

To ensure a seamless and sophisticated aesthetic, Allen incorporated Salice's Air hinges, a type of concealed hinge fixed to the top and bottom panels, minimizing their visibility. Additionally, the wardrobe boasts a top-of-the-line storage hardware system from the renowned European brand, Custom Shop. The extensive use of red Nappa leather and black accents in the hardware complements the overall design with a timeless and stylish appeal. The aluminum components of the wardrobe are coated with nano-spraying technology, providing a sleek finish that is both visually appealing and delightful to touch.

Another remarkable feature of this custom wardrobe is the highly functional rotating shoe rack. Designed with a dual-sided configuration, it maximizes the utilization of space by allowing shoe placement on both sides. This innovative addition provides a sense of practicality and convenience, ensuring every corner of the wardrobe is utilized efficiently.

In summary, behind the seemingly minimalist design lies the meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful considerations of the designer. The custom wardrobe at AWAkitchens' showroom showcases Allen's dedication to creating a functional yet visually stunning space. With its clever integration of technology, luxurious materials, and attention to detail, this wardrobe exemplifies the designer's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional and innovative designs.

2023 Cheltenham

Looking to create your dream kitchen? AWA KITCHENS can help you bring your vision to life with our team of experienced designers and project managers. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and expertise throughout every project.

Here's how we can help you achieve your dream kitchen:


Schedule an appointment with our design team. During the initial consultation, we'll discuss your kitchen wish list and project specifications, and work with you, your architect, or designer to ensure that every element of your kitchen meets your functional, budget, and aesthetic requirements.


Based on your brief, our design team will present a FREE layout and cost estimate, and work with you over the course of several meetings to refine the design to meet your needs. Our showroom kitchens allow you to experience and interact with finishes and fittings, so you can see how your kitchen will take shape.


Once you've approved the design, materials, and costs, our design team will produce final plans and elevations of your kitchen. We'll then issue a full package of technical information when you place your order. Your kitchen will be manufactured to your specifications, tested, and fully assembled at AWA, ready for delivery to your home.


Our in-house installation team will project-manage the construction of your cabinets, working with your builder and architect to meet your timelines. From initial preparations and on-site inspections through to final installation, we'll take care of every detail to ensure an accurate and efficient match to your specifications.


We design each AWA kitchen to suit your individual budget and style. Please contact us to obtain a price guide.


Design Consultation


AWA KITCHENS designers bring the very highest levels of experience, expertise and professionalism to their work and are proud to uphold these standards across every project. From consultation to completion, your dedicated AWA KITCHENS designer and project manager helps create the right kitchen for you. Utilising components that are quality-tested to guarantee longevity, safety and suitability of purpose, AWA KITCHENS offers a bespoke solution for you and your family’s unique needs.


Make an appointment with the AWA design team. At this initial consultation, the team will discuss your kitchen wish list and the project’s specifications. Working directly with you, your architect or designer, AWA ensures that all elements of your kitchen will meet your functional, budget and aesthetic requirements.


Based on your brief, the AWA design team will present a layout and cost estimate and discuss kitchen specifics with you. Over the course of a few meetings, the team will refine the design to meet your needs. Our showroom kitchens allow you to experience, touch and feel finishes and fittings to discover just how your kitchen will take shape.


Once the design, materials and costs have been approved by you, the design team produces plans and elevations of the kitchen. A full package of technical information is then issued when the order is placed. Your kitchen is then manufactured to your specifications, tested and fully assembled in AWA, for delivery to your home.


An in-house installation team will project-manage the construction of your AWA kitchen, working with your builder and architect to meet your time lines. From initial preparations and on-site inspections through to final installation, every detail is covered to accurately and efficiently match specifications.


Every AWA kitchen is designed to suit each individual owner's budget and style, please contact us to obtain a price guide.

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