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The Charming Kitchen in Victorian-style Architecture

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Awakitchens is proud to collaborate with a client who has designed their own custom cabinets. The client's house is a Victorian-style old house with a history of over a hundred years. They have expanded the house in the backyard, resulting in a significantly high ceiling. Let's take a look at the carefully chosen cabinet design that perfectly complements the architectural style.

The Perfect Fusion of Contemporary Minimalism and Historical Charm

For the cabinet panels, the client opted for the sleek and modern Laminex AbsoluteMatte Finish in "Black." This choice creates a contemporary and minimalist atmosphere. The black panels create a striking contrast with the architecture, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall space. The countertops are adorned with a large area of Natural Stone in "SuperWhite," enhancing the brightness and freshness of the overall color scheme.

AWA Kitchens Project - Brunswick 2021(VIC)

To achieve a clean and modern look, the client selected Hafele's profile handles. These handles provide easy functionality while seamlessly integrating into the cabinet design, maintaining the overall flow and aesthetic appeal.

AWA Kitchens Project - Brunswick 2021(VIC)

AWA Kitchens Project - Brunswick 2021(VIC)

This modern cabinet design beautifully contrasts with the Victorian-style architecture of the client's old house. The fusion of contemporary minimalism and the historical charm of the house creates a captivating ambiance. Awakitchens is grateful for the client's trust and the opportunity to bring their unique cabinet design to life.

If you have your own unique cabinet design ideas, Awakitchens is ready to provide professional construction services to turn your dream kitchen into reality. Collaborate with us and make your kitchen the highlight of your home.



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