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AWA Kitchens the essential key to a stunning Showroom

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

At AWA Kitchens, we take pride in our commitment to innovative and exceptional cabinet design. Our showroom is a testament to our passion for creativity and functionality, brought to life by the visionary skills of Hina, a registered architect and core member of our team. We delve into the remarkable journey behind the creation of our stunning cabinet display space, highlighting the meticulous material selection, imaginative hardware application, and unwavering attention to detail that sets us apart.
Delicate Selection Trumps Challenges

As an architect and the owner of a cabinet factory, Hina understands the importance and challenges of cabinet design. She strives for innovation and excellence, placing great emphasis on detail and functionality. While designing the cabinet space for the company's showroom, she encountered numerous challenges and deliberations to ensure that the final design would showcase the company's professional capabilities and unique style.

During the material selection process, Hina carefully chose various materials and deliberated over which material would be most suitable for the display space. She considered factors such as the cabinet's usage environment, aesthetics, and durability. After careful consideration, she ultimately selected Navurabn's Balmoral color as the primary material for the cabinets. The natural texture and durability of this woodgrain material made it an ideal choice that harmonizes with the overall design style of the showroom.


Secrets of the Modern Kitchen

However, Hina was not satisfied with a conventional cabinet design. She aimed to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the cabinets through innovative elements and special hardware. She decided to incorporate some imaginative hardware components such as motorized lift baskets, Blum's electric drawers, and electric flip-up door systems. These innovative hardware components not only increase the convenience and practicality of the cabinets but also enhance the user experience for customers.

Furthermore, Hina pays great attention to detail. She decided to use decorative strips to accentuate the sleek lines of the cabinets and add a touch of refinement and artistic atmosphere to the showroom. These decorative strips are skillfully installed along the edges of the cabinets and display shelves, providing a minimalist yet exquisite visual effect.


Through Hina's efforts and professional abilities, the showroom space ultimately presents a breathtaking result. Customers who step into the showroom are captivated by the innovative and refined cabinet designs. The integration of the cabinets' oak material, innovative hardware components, decorative strips, and meticulously crafted details creates a contemporary and personalized ambiance for the entire showroom.



The story behind this cabinet design showcases Hina's professional skills and creativity as an architect and owner of a cabinet factory. Through meticulous material selection, innovative hardware application, and careful attention to detail, she successfully creates an impressive cabinet display space that showcases the company's design capabilities and unique style. In cabinet design, innovative thinking, attention to detail, and a pursuit of functionality are key elements for achieving success.



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