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Seedpg's Vibrant Deluxe Kitchen

Welcome to AWAkitchens! Today, we present to you a remarkable luxury custom kitchen project located in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. Moonee Ponds is a vibrant area close to the city, known for its rich cultural atmosphere and attracting many young residents. Our client, SEEDPG, embarked on a renovation and expansion project for their home in Moonee Ponds to meet modern architectural needs. Let's explore this impressive project together.

AWA Kitchens Project - Moonee Ponds2021 (VIC)

The perfect combination of practicality and visual appeal

One notable feature of this project is the client's choice of the classic shaker style for the cabinet doors, complemented by a bold blue paint finish as the main color theme. This unique combination creates a visually stunning effect that stands out from the crowd. The island area is designed with laminex's Aged Walnut, adding warmth and depth to the overall design. To enhance the modern aesthetic, LOCO's brass handles were selected as exquisite accents.

In the breakfast bar area, the client opted for Hawa's Pocket Door System. This clever design effectively conceals the cooking area while providing an open workspace, combining practicality with visual appeal.

AWA Kitchens Project - Moonee Ponds2021 (VIC)

For the countertops, the client chose Caesarstone's Statuario Maximus. This refined marble pattern offers delicate veining and layers, capturing the essence of real marble while providing easy maintenance and durability.

In terms of appliances, the client selected Gaggenau's 400 series in a champagne finish, including a oven, steam oven, and coffee machine. For the cooktop, they opted for Gaggenau's induction cooktop, complemented by a foldable faucet above for convenient access to water during cooking. This smart design not only adds convenience but also enhances the overall functionality of the kitchen.

AWA Kitchens Project - Moonee Ponds2021 (VIC)

Overall, this project showcases SEEDPG's commitment to luxury custom kitchens. The combination of the classic shaker style doors, unique blue paint finish, warm Aged Walnut accents, exquisite brass handles, exquisite Caesarstone countertops, and high-end Gaggenau appliances creates a tasteful and upscale kitchen space.

If you are seeking a luxury custom kitchen solution, choose AWAkitchens. We offer exceptional design, exquisite craftsmanship, and personalized service to bring your kitchen dreams to life. Contact us now to embark on your personalized kitchen transformation journey



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